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Software localization is the process of adapting software products to suit a specific international market. The investment of time and costs are optimized when localization efforts are incorporated during the early stages of software development. Enlisting the expertise of the localization and language team during the developmental stages can help to identify and incorporate pertinent design and technical information. This comprehensive work effort allows for adjustments to be made more efficiently and ultimately helps to reduce the risk of costly re-engineering. In addition to the obvious cost savings, these cohesive efforts can facilitate a simultaneous product launch to foreign markets.

Scribe Consulting can provide resources and services including:

  • Highly experienced localization project managers
  • Development and maintenance of comprehensive client specific lexicons and glossaries
  • Testing and review of all programs and documents
  • Translation memory engineering
  • Technical & linguistic quality assurance
  • In-country localization and engineering

Key elements addressed during the localization process:

  • Extraction of localizable assets from source code and binary file types
  • Conversion of files to optimum format for localization
  • Re-engineering software to Beta Master stage to pass on to the client for formal acceptance testing

Extraction of Assets

From initial raw assets (including source code, audio, video and graphics files) delivered to the company, the Engineering Department will extract any assets that require localization, making sure that any glossary and contextual information is retained.

Conversion of Files for Localization

Source code and binary file types often contain text to be localized, embedded within code and instruction sets…. There may be hundreds or even thousands of files requiring work. The Software Engineering Department will convert these and other files to an optimal format for localization by the Translation Department.

Re-engineering Software

Once text, audio, video and graphics files have been localized, the Department will re-integrate the localized material, then re-compile the product to create a Beta Master, testing the re-integrated product at each stage.

The Software Engineering Department is staffed by a committed team of programmers and engineers, whose working knowledge of a wide range of programming languages and development environments, combined with their experience in using numerous packages and authoring tools, quickly allows them to accurately manage the technical aspects of any project.

We have the technical know-how, the tools, and the talent to meet your project requirements and your deadline. Before you choose a software localization partner, know the difference. Know Scribe Consulting.

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