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Driving down the cost of language services for the hospitality industry

At Scribe Consulting, we have a well established team of linguists dedicated to translation for the hospitality industry. We work with many of the world’s leading hospitality companies.

Each translator, reviewer and editor is located in-country, are chosen for their industry experience and many come from hospitality and marketing backgrounds to provide linguistically perfect “transcreations”. Working together with a multilingual project management team, they have extensive experience in handling a variety of projects ranging from marketing documentation to complete eLearning modules and high profile marketing collateral.

In conjunction with our highly qualified linguistic teams, we use industry leading software and technology, to create translation memory databases essential to manage the size and repetitive nature of many hospitality translation projects. In fact we can increase efficiency and reduce costs by as much as 70%. This, combined with the expertise of our dedicated hospitality division can substantially reduce the time to market and the cost of your language services all while maintaining the linguistic consistency of your brand.


Ensuring that your products and services are successfully launched and delivered across a breadth of international markets is absolutely key. That’s why we handpick industry specific translators to ensure each country and region understands and engages with all of your communications on every level.

This is called ‘localization’ and we achieve it by translating and adapting languages not only to countries, but to specific regions by matching the cultural, technical and business requirements of all your target markets.

Localization covers your website, software, marketing material and eLearning modules. We can ensure that you have absolute consistency and accuracy across all of your collateral, from web sites to marketing brochures and even training information. In fact, anything that’s essential to your business will have the support of our industry specific translation and project management teams.


The internet provides a great business opportunity for the hospitality industry to reach more customers and maximize their profits. Our experienced linguistic teams not only have extensive marketing knowledge, they are also experts in cultural knowledge. This team of industry specific linguists is familiar with the correct terminology and the intricacies of your business sector. They will translate glossaries, marketing collateral and online booking applications as well as marketing and promotional communication, providing accurate, tailored results every time.

Producing dynamic websites on time and within your budget is all part of the service. To do this, a project plan and workflow is developed for each project, covering all stages of the process. It identifies how we will work with your internal resources and reviewers for a seamless result from start to finish.

Our experts have experience of all types of web files, which means we can easily integrate your Content Management System with our translation software. Our software and technology ensures the structure and coding within your web files is protected throughout the translation process, saving you valuable time.


We translate every kind of document ranging from catalogues, support documentation, to monthly newsletters, and customer brochures. Whatever your business needs, we have the expertise to give your business the global edge.

The documentation service is excellent for regularly updating brochures and marketing collateral. Keeping track of the latest version is vital and accuracy is key. This is where our translation memory tools come into play. When timeliness are short and reversions are last minute, updating brochures or creating new marketing collateral in several languages is a far more efficient process.

Your dedicated project manager will work with you to make sure your documents have the marketing savvy and depth of detail you need, as well as making sure they arrive on time and within budget. You will receive a quote for each project illustrating the cost of each language and any additional services (i.e. Desktop Publishing).

Desktop Publishing is a service Scribe Consulting offers that gives all your documents a highly professional look. Our team of skilled typesetters and designers are proficient at Quark, InDesign, FrameMaker and Illustrator. They will integrate the translation with your images and graphics, vital in brochures to create branded collateral that is ready for print in whatever format your business needs.


At Scribe Consoling, we have the industry expertise to deliver all of your multimedia translation and localization projects on time and within your budget. Our team has experience in video and animation, audio material and flash as well as XML. We can even complete your artwork to produce great online presentations and incorporate it all into eLearning for cost effective ways to keep your staff up to speed.

Project management and engineering teams at Scribe Consulting create a tailored workflow for each multimedia project and give every stage clear ownership and sign off. The multimedia engineers complete a full analysis of your products, while project managers advise on the best approach for each translation step in the project. Regular updates via our proprietary GlobalVault mean you can track your project’s progress making this complex process simple and transparent.

We have expertise in:

  • Scripting
  • Voiceovers
  • Translations
  • Subtitling
  • Dubbing
  • Graphics Localization
  • Editing
  • Reviewing
  • Post Production


Training international staff online can greatly reduce the costs of developing your business and its personnel. At Scribe Consulting we are the experts in eLearning and have developed best practice content creation. We can advise on how to structure learning modules while keeping localization in mind.

We also provide an authoring and editing service, produce transcripts and record voiceovers. Animation and video creation is a very useful training tool and software development is also part of the service.

In fact, our specialists have recently worked closely with one of our larger hospitality clients to localize some training material to support housekeeping, reservation agents, and front office staff worldwide via flash and XML, translating the programs into twelve languages.

By working closely with us, you can benefit from Scribe Consulting’s experienced team managing the project while working seamlessly with your own experts. Our in-depth knowledge of individual cultures ensures the translated content and graphics work perfectly for each international audience.

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