Tyco International

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Tyco International Ltd. operates in all 50 U.S. States and over 100 countries throughout the world. Tyco’s products include hardware and software components for video surveillance equipment. These products are designed for both very high-end security providers and individual small business surveillance systems.
Tyco’s clients have very specific requirements. Because Tyco’s products are sold in large quantities to few clients, they customize their products for each client by adding and removing specific features. The products are modular and can be combined depending on various needs. This creates a strong challenge when it comes to documentation. It requires consistent terminology management to ensure that the ‘linguistic interfaces’ between products function properly. Another localization challenge with Tyco is that they handle highly sensitive information which requires a very secure environment.
Scribe Consulting immediately identified a linguistic team with the technical expertise required to meet Tyco’s needs. It was critical that the team know the products inside and out so they could respond appropriately to constant updates and customizations. Working closely with Tyco’s in-country distributors, Scribe Consulting developed and maintained glossaries of client and market-specific terminology. Scribe Consulting advised Tyco and assisted them in changing the way they developed their software documentation and online help. This allowed Tyco to reduce their documentation and therefore their costs. These changes also resulted in making the material much more ‘localization friendly’ while creating a much stronger ability to leverage the translations through the use of translation memory tools. Scribe Consulting provided the highest security possible. All file transfers between the client and linguistic teams were made through Scribe’s Global Vault. Only authorized personnel were given access to the site and each client and vendor login was audited through- out the process. At the end of each localization cycle, a linguistic team was required on-site for in-house validation. No units were allowed off site and therefore all work needed to be done at the client’s site. At this stage, complete localized systems were set up for each language with both the hardware and software. The testers looked at every aspect of the product and any issues found during the process were immediately addressed and then retested.
Working with Scribe Consulting, Tyco was able to significantly reduce its documentation staff. Tyco saved considerable amounts of money by utilizing the tools and processes made available to them through Scribe Consulting. Most importantly, over time, Tyco has found a global partner that now has a long history with their organization and knows their products inside and out. This relationship has helped Tyco work smart while still having the flexibility to meet the unique specifications of their clients.