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Terminology Management

Glossary development is a critical aspect of the translation process. Before beginning any translation, Scribe Consulting reviews the project files as well as previously translated client material for recurring, company specific terminology. These terms are incorporated into client glossaries that, once approved by the client, are used by all members of our translation team. This ensures that your content and terminology remain consistent throughout all of your projects.

Translation Memory

Translation Memory uses database technology to automate recurrent translation work. By recycling existing translations, translation memory strengthens the consistency of your message across all your company literature. Translation memory also reduces the cost of translation to the customer as existing translated material can be re-used.

Translation Memory is essentially a database of previous translations in which the source and the target language strings have been broken down into segments. When a subsequent text is compared with the original, the memory identifies the equivalent translated segments and inserts them into the new target text. In addition, "fuzzy matching" allows segments that are similar, but not identical, to the original to be inserted and then edited.


GlobalSight is a Translation Management System (TMS) that manages and streamlines all of the tasks involved in the translation process - from requesting a new translation to quoting, project management, translation, reviewing, reporting and so on. The system aims to automate as much as possible, while providing a set of tools for handling the most common tasks.

GlobalSight is developed as a collaborative and open source effort by a community of enterprise clients, translators, LSPs, technology suppliers, universities, research institutions and individual users. As such, it is constantly updated and keeps in pace with modern needs.

GlobalSight is designed so that clients, LSPs (Language Service Providers), vendors (translation teams), reviewers and other external support assets (including Terminology databases, Translation Memories, Machine Translation tools, even external desktop publishing and other support personnel) to collaborate and complete translation assignments.

GlobalSight has a robust reporting mechanism that allows interested parties to track both the progress of translation jobs and their costs as well.

Scribe’s GlobalSight is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) implementation on a cloud-based web server, and maintained by dedicated technical specialists to ensure reliability and uptime. The web-based service means that assets, both client and LSP, (writers, reviewers, translators) are no longer tied to their specific workstations/cubicle/offices, and can work anywhere with Internet access.

GlobalVault Project Management Portal

With Scribe Consulting, you always have quick and easy access to all of the materials related to your project from glossaries to communications among team members, we provide instant online access to project schedules, status reports, glossaries and translation memory assets. This system also documents the entire history of your project which gives you information that you can use to streamline future projects.