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Document Translation

Scribe Consulting's services include translation of your product manuals, online documentation, web based training materials, press releases, data sheets, marketing collateral and other forms of print based media. The quality of our work is ensured by professional certified linguists, our quality assurance process and the translation technologies we employ to meet your project needs.


Website Localization

Linked through our GlobalVault, our worldwide network of translators utilize both custom and industry standard tools to ensure your multilingual sites are properly localized for cultural differences and the technical requirements of your site architecture.


Software Localization

Software localization is the process of adapting software products to suit a specific international market. The investment of time and costs are optimized when localization efforts are incorporated during the early stages of software development. Enlisting the expertise of the localization and language team during the developmental stages can help to identify and incorporate pertinent design and technical information.


Tools & Technology

Our use of translation Memory and terminology management tools ensures you don’t waste time or money translating the same words over and over. It also ensures that consistent language and terminology are used throughout all of your projects. These tools have the immediate benefit of providing efficiency and consistency within your current project. They also become assets that can stay with you over time offering tremendous value and savings.


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Technical Capabilities

Word Photoshop Flare
Excel Illustrator .resx
Powerpoint InDesign .rc
Publisher Flash .csv
Visio Dreamweaver .txt
Other MS files Visual Basic .xml
Other Adobe files

Our Approach

Scribe Consulting takes a very entrepreneurial and creative approach to problem-solving, and the localization process. We appreciate the principles of partnership and communication with our clients. These point the way for a truly collaborative and strategic effort in tackling complex language issues.

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Case Studies

In order to achieve its localization goals, Captaris first had to overcome several daunting obstacles. Because it was assembled through a combination of in-house development and business acquisition, their product catalog covered a range of differing development processes and platforms spread among...
If QUALCOMM is to continue to succeed in facilitating dynamic innovation and smooth integration within the wireless industry, it is vital that it is careful in its due diligence when considering strategic acquisition targets and yet nimble enough to take advantage of opportunities in a timely...
The Ritz-Carlton was seeking to localize its website initially into Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic with the intention of broadening its customer base internationally. The website is founded on an extensive content management system (CMS) and the front end is almost entirely Flash enabled. Ritz-...

Industry Research

When conducting business or dealing with individuals from other countries, effective language translation can ensure the intended message is accurately translated.

Since the end of the Cold War people around the world have dramatically increased cultural and linguistic interaction, both critical elements of globalization.

The Globalization and Localization Association announces that its next conference for global content delivery professionals, “GALA 2011: The Language of Business.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is evaluating three smart phone-based Pashto and Dari language translation devices the U.S.

Industry Solutions

We have time tested, well integrated teams of linguists dedicated to translating content for the following industries. We support many of the world’s leading companies throughout Europe, the US and Asia.

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Quality Assurance

We will guide you through the localization process helping you avoid the pitfalls of translation related services. We work to ensure solid, long lasting partnerships by utilizing our proven workflow solution and adhering to our quality assurance process, while maintaining the flexibility needed to adapt to your organization's needs. Our approach remains entirely client centered.

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This PDF brochure will give you an idea of our technical capabilities, quality assurance process, and the various technologies that we employ.

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